Neighborhood Resource One-Pagers

Title/Link Description
Be a Neighborhood Leader Learn about the qualities of a good Lansing neighborhood leader.
Build and Sustain Partnerships Read about the benefits of building and sustaining neighborhood partnerships.
Bulk Trash Pickup Learn about how to begin, and lead a community bulk trash pickup event.
Volunteer Management Strategies Discover the best practices to maintaining community volunteers.
Community Event Ideas Review events that could work for your neighborhood group.
Community Flower Planting Event Learn how to prepare for and conduct a community flower planting event.
Neighborhood Group Fundraising Find new ways to raise money for neighborhood events and projects.
How to utilize GIS and Mapping Tools Discover how GIS and other mapping tools can help you better understand your neighborhood.
Grant and Funding Sources Identify strategies to find grants and other funding sources.
Hold Your First Neighborhood Meeting Explore the do's and don'ts to holding your first neighborhood meeting.
Holding Neighborhood Elections Learn about the best practices, reported by other neighbors, to hold your neighborhood elections.
Neighborhood Holiday Party Ideas Design your perfect neighborhood holiday party.
Informal Organizational Roles Unearth informal neighborhood organizational roles that your group may need.
Little Library Checklist Read about how to create, develop, and sustain a Little Library in your neighborhood.
"Meet the Candidates" Event Checklist Discover the best practices, as told by Lansing neighbors, to host a "Meet the Candidates" event for your neighborhood.
Neighborhood Cleanup Ideas Plan your own neighborhood cleanup.
Build Neighborhood Connections Recognize the benefits to building neighborhood connections to neighbors in and out of your neighborhood boundaries.
Neighborhood Watch Groups Learn about how to join, and contact neighborhood watch groups in your neighborhood.
Neighborhood Yard Sale Ideas Look up neighborhood yard sale ideas.
Opening a Neighborhood Bank Account Determine the best way to bank for your neighborhood group.
Porchfest/Stoopfest Checklist Design a porchfest or stoopfest for your neighborhood.
How to Promote Your Organization Spread word of your neighborhood group.
Record-keeping and Your Organization Discover the benefits of record-keeping and bookkeeping for your neighborhood group. 
Resolving Neighborhood Conflict Learn of the many ways to solve conflict in your neighborhood.
Succession Planning Identify the steps to succession planning in your neighborhood organization.
Volunteer Member Recruitment Explore ways to recruit volunteers for your neighborhood event.
Walking Wednesday: How To Design a Walking Wednesday event to show off your neighborhood's assets.
Welcome Baskets Ideas for New Neighbors Design a basket to give new neighbors a warm welcome to your neighborhood.