Lansing Citizen's One-Pagers

Title/Link Description
Address an Emergency or Illegal Activity Determine who to contact if you have witnessed an emergency in Lansing.
Address Landlord or Tenant Issues Learn what resources Lansing has to resolve landlord and tenant issues.
Apply for a Building or Trade Permit Learn about how to apply for a building or trade permit through the City of Lansing.
Common Code Compliance Issues Discover how code enforcement impacts you.
Get Involved in Civic Life Explore how to get involved by volunteering, running for office, or how to join a board or commission
Guide to Bicycle Rules and Safety Spot helpful tips on how to bike safely in Lansing.
Guide to Lansing's Parks and Facilities Use this guide to explore Lansing's 114 parks.
How to Have a Controlled Fire Explore how to get a burn permit in Lansing.
Lansing Voting Guide Learn how to get registered, find your polling location, and when to vote with this guide.
Learn about Lansing City Government Discover the different positions and departments in the City of Lansing.
Learn about the Board of Water and Light Learn who to contact for all your utility needs in Lansing, Michigan.
Obtain Vital Records Learn how to request vital records from the county.
Police Safety Programs Discover Lansing Police Department's public safety programs and how to get involved with them.
Receive Financial Counseling Learn about how to receive financial counseling through the City of Lansing.
Receive Food Assistance Find food assistance programs in Lansing.
Receive Healthcare Assistance Explore healthcare options available in the City of Lansing.
Receive Housing or Utility Assistance Discover Lansing resources to help solve your housing and utility assistance needs.
Receive Snow Removal Learn about the roles and responsibilities of citizens before the snow comes.
Receive Trash Pickup Learn about trash pickup assistance through the City of Lansing.
Report a Public Service Issue Identify which department in the City of Lansing to report public service issues to.
Understanding the Zoning Code Explore the zoning code and how it affects your next build project with this resource.
Use the CATA Bus System This flyer is helpful to those who would like to use the Capital Area Transit Authority (CATA).