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Ask any Southeast Lansing resident and they’ll tell you they have the best parks in the city. Home to Fenner Nature Center, Hawk Island Park, Crego Park, Scott Woods Park, and the Hope Sports Complex as well as the East-West Pathway River trail, a 4.1-mile extension path off the Grand River trail, Southeast Lansing is the place to be outdoors in Lansing. The region is also home to some of the most unique events in the city—the Greater Lansing Balloon Festival, which helps to fund the Lansing Promise; the Apple Butter Festival at Fenner Nature Center; and the Cristo Rey Church Fiesta, Mid-Michigan’s premier Latino festival. Cristo Rey Church is only one example of the many churches that can be found in Southeast Lansing. There is a strong faith-based community here that provides support to residents by hosting events, operating soup kitchens, food drives, and community gardens, and by supporting youth through camps, retreats, and weekly programming. Southeast Lansing is also home to much of Lansing’s refugee population who bring their culture, food, and traditions to the city and make Southeast Lansing a truly global place to live. Here you can sample the globe as you eat Burmese Tea Leaf Salad at Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant, Nepali Bhakaa at the International Food Mart, Mexican Chimichanga at Tacos y Mas, or other treats at one of the Ward’s five international markets. Aside from its restaurant scene, Southeast Lansing is also a major shopping destination in the city. Visitors from across Lansing and the surrounding areas come here to shop at the city’s only Meijer, Target, Lowe’s, Menards, and Aldi or come to take in a film at Celebration Cinema. No matter what brings you to Southeast Lansing, you’ll be surprised at the many things that will keep you coming back.