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Civic Organizations/Neighborhood Grants Forms

  1. 2018 Civic Organization Registration Form

    The City of Lansing supports civic organizations of all sizes and formations. There are no “official” groups, just those that wish to... More…

Housing & Neighborhood Resource Summit

  1. Housing & Neighborhood Resource Summit Vendor Display Table Reservation

    The September 2018 City of Lansing Housing & Neighborhood Resource Summit is designed to support and connect City of Lansing residents... More…

Local Businesses

  1. Don't See Your Business on the Ward Map?

    Local businesses can complete this form to have their business added to the Ward Map.

Snow, Leaves, Grass, and Trash Forms

  1. SGLT Pilot Neighborhood Sign-Up

    Interested in piloting a neighborhood program designed to assist neighbors unable to clear their yard or walkway of hazards? Sign-up... More…

Weekly Updates

  1. Neighborhood News

    The Neighborhood News email list has hundreds of members and the information distributed is designed to be quickly cut and pasted into... More…