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2021 Neighborhoods In Bloom

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  3. Lansing Neighborhoods in Bloom is a citywide project to beautify our neighborhoods on Saturday May 15th. Kits will be awarded on a first come first serve basis while supplies last. Kits must be picked between 8:00am and 10:00am on Saturday May 15th. Your award letter will indicate your pickup location. Neighborhood groups who are awarded the flowers are required to maintain them throughout the summer.

  4. A Neighborhood Planting Kit covers 24 square feet and includes 2 bags of colored mulch and assorted Annual and Perennial flowers.

  5. attach a site map if possible using the file upload.

  6. Please post photos of your neighborhood in bloom on your neighborhood social media pages and use the #LansingInBloom hashtag.

  7. Contact DeLisa Fountain, Neighborhood Resource Coordinator, Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement, at 517-483-4051 or with questions.

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