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City Of Lansing – Department of Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement Internship Program

  1. City Of Lansing – Department of Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement Internship

    The City of Lansing’s Department of Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement (DNCE) hosts Interns for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Internships are for one semester, though there are opportunities to extend the internship to two semesters. The position is 10-15 hour per week, paid, eligible for academic credit (if applicable to major and initiated by accepted applicant).

  2. Application Deadlines

    Winter/Spring: November 15th for January – April/May semester internship

  3. Summer: March 15th for May-August semester internship

  4. Fall: July 15th for September – December semester internship

  5. Applicant Information

  6. List colleges and/or universities currently or previously attended:

  7. Availability (Day and Timeframe)

    DNCE office hours: 9am - 5pm The DNCE does not hold office hours on Saturdays, however holds events and cleanups a couple times a month depending on the time of year on Saturdays.

  8. References

    Please list three (3) academic or professional references:

  9. Please submit a cover letter, current resume/CV, and a writing sample with this application. Please ensure all documents are attached.

  10. Thank you!

    Thank you for your interest in interning with the Department of Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement. Expect a response in 2-4 business days upon submission.

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